FTK Processing Instructions

  1. FTK Processing Instructions
  2. Working with Electronic records
    1. Processing Electronic Records with Forensic Toolkit Video Training
    2. Objectives
    3. Overview
    4. Navigating Forensic Toolkit
    5. Filters
      1. Tips
      2. Importing a filter
      3. Filters and zips
      4. Compound filters
    6. Bookmarking
      1. Creating a bookmark
      2. Creating bookmark hierarchy
      3. Moving bookmarks and adding files
    7. De-duplicating Collections

Working with Electronic records

Processing Electronic Records with Forensic Toolkit Video Training


This document is divided into sub-pages with linked headings. Overall, this document describes

  • Workflow steps
  • When to contact Digital Archives staff
  • Minimum requirements for electronic records survey
  • Symbols used in FTK
  • How to apply, remove, and create filters
  • How to create bookmarks


This page describes the basic steps for working with Electronic records that Archival Processing and Digital Archives will work on together.

This page describes tabs, windows, icons, labels and searches in FTK. This page also includes instructions for what to do when you encounter particular icons or types of material.


Filters refine the File List to only display files within certain defined parameters. The result is similar to search filters but you only have to define the filters not a search. FTK comes with many default filters you can apply to the File List. Digital Archives staff have also created some filters to hide system files.


  • Bookmark with filters on
  • Don’t include the Actual Files filter if you want to bookmarks files in Zip container

Importing a filter

This page demonstrates how to import a filter from the FTKsettings folder on the FREDs.

Filters and zips

This page shows how the Actual Files filter deals with zips and files within zips. It demonstrates filters that will show files in zips that are available to import if you don’t see them in your collection. It displays what the File List looks like when a filter is active and how to toggle filters on and off.

Compound filters

This page shows how to use compound filters in FTK. compound filters are an option when available saved filters don’t work and you don’t want to create definitions from scratch. It displays the difference between applying different operations to the Include and Exclude box. It demonstrates how the File List looks when filters are active and how to toggle filters on and off.


This page provides an overview of bookmarking in FTK including naming conventions, exceptions, and removing material.

Creating a bookmark

This page displays how to create a bookmark from the Explore tab in FTK. It uses the naming convention that should be used for ERs. Temporary titles can be used before bookmarks are finalized.

Creating bookmark hierarchy

This page shows how to create a bookmark hierarchy using empty bookmarks to mirror your arrangement. You will need to create series or heading level bookmarks to use the ASpace import feature. The video also show you how to create a bookmark with files. It also demonstrates what happens when you delete a higher level bookmark. Everything below is deleted too!

Moving bookmarks and adding files

This page show you how to move bookmarks in a hierarchy. It also demonstrates how to create bookmarks and how to add files to an existing bookmark.

De-duplicating Collections

This page provides an optional method of hiding duplicate versions of files during processing.

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