Digital Preservation uses the Trello Project Queue to track collections’ progress through our workflows. Digital Preservation may also contribute to Archives Unit Processing Trello board when electronic records are found in a collection.

Begin Tracking a Collection

Any Digital Preservation Staff may perform this process.

  • Receive an email to stating that electronic records exist in the collection.
  • Retrieve media from 202 with the media cart and place it on the incoming shelf in 205.
  • Create or add to the collection Trello card.
    • Use the New template for collections with multiple pieces of media.
    • Use the Single template if there is only one piece of media.
  • Add the shelf number label or custom field to the collection card based on the location of the media.
  • Delete checklist items that don’t apply to the collection.
    • Delete Create item records… checklist item when an archivist has created item records for the media before sending it to Digital Preservation.
  • Add link to corresponding AU Trello card if it exists.
  • Add the Electric Records label to the Archives Unit Processing Trello collection card if it is not yet added to the card.
  • Respond to the email that the media has been moved.

Update CMS Project Management

Digital Preservation Manager performs this process

  • Create or add to project in CMS.
  • Leave project date blank.
  • Add a duration, calculated as follows
    Inventory: 1 day / 200 items
    1 day / 200 optical media
    1 day / 30 floppy disks
    1 day / 3 hard drive, usb stick, etc
    1 day / 5 obsolete media
    Post-processing: 1 day / 200 GB

Updating the Collection Card

Any Digital Preservation Staff may perform this process

  • Move the collection card to the list that represents the current status of the checklist items.
    • When working on the Inventory checklist items move the card to the Inventory list.
    • Note, checking Export FTK reports item moves the card to Post-processing list automatically.
    • Note, checking Transfer FA components… item moves the card to Storage list automatically.
    • Note, checking Add 2 year retention date… item moves the card to Storage list automatically.
  • Add yourself to a collection card for a collection you are working on.
  • Add a checklist item for each type and number of media in the Transfer checklist when more than one staff member is working on transferring a collection.
    • 10 optical discs
    • 1 hard drive
  • Contact archivist to advise on transfer as needed.
  • Add a comment to the AU Trello card recommending FTK or workstation processing once all media has been transferred and digital preservation staff have reviewed the material.
  • Add comments to describe deaccessions or transfer issues.
  • Add a 2 year due date to the Retain FTK Case custom field once archivist description is complete.

Checking collection status

  • Type the collection number M29915 to search for a collection in Trello.
    • Make sure to start with M. Leaving M out will result in a less useful search.
  • Check the results to make sure the card is on the board you want to use.
  • Use ⌘+F on a Mac or Ctrl+F on Windows to search within a Trello board.

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