Electrical Safety Protocols

When working with bare electronic components, staff must take precautions to protect both themselves and the devices they are working with.

To prevent the risk of high-voltage discharges that could fry device components, staff should use electro-static discharge (ESD) bracelets and mats when appropriate.

To prevent the risk of electrical damage during cleaning, the lab keeps a supply of disposable tech wipes.

To prevent the risk of pulling a device off of a table, staff should avoid running connecting cables over the front edge of a desk.

To avoid the risk of tripping hazards, staff should keep cable runs short and away from active walkways.

Respiratory Safety Protocols

To protect against inhalation of chemical vapors and mold spores, staff may use N95 masks stored in the lab supply cabinet. Further questions about respiratory hazards should be directed to Collections Management.

The lab carpets should be cleaned bi-weekly. Vacuuming is scheduled on-demand with the Facilities department.

Infectious Disease Protocols

To avoid the risk of transmitting airborne diseases to other staff, staff that are sick or infectious should either use sick leave, arrange for remote work with their supervisor, or wear a mask while on site. The lab keeps a supply of masks for staff use.

To avoid the risk of transmitting airborne diseases during large-scale outbreaks, the Digital Archives Lab portion of LSC 205 may be limited to 3 staff at any given time to create appropriate social distancing. During these times, the offices within LSC 205 are limited to 1 staff, and meetings should be held virtually or rooms with appropriate space for social distancing.

To avoid the risk of surface transmission, the lab keeps a supply of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers.


Staff found to repeatedly violate above policies may be subject to disciplinary action.