ReCAP Shipping

Intro to ReCAP Shipping, what and where it is.


  • Catalog the Electronic Records Originals collection in Sierra?
  • Add boxes to the ERO collection in Sierra?

Labeling and Checkout

  • Label carts and checkout.
  • Open Sierra and select Checkout (circulation desk).
  • Scan division barcode (these barcodes are in ReCAP folder).
  • Note covid warning on screen.
  • Screen will say RECAP (NP) …
  • Select email to patron for receipt.
  • Scan box barcodes for each box (will show up on screen).
  • Close when done.
  • Select Yes to send email to Lea Osborne.
  • Label carts. Cart label templates are in Google Drive.
  • Wrap carts.
  • Email Stanley Timmer and let him know how many carts there are.
  • Leave carts outside 202 on Tuesday morning.
  • Carts are picked up on Tuesday afternoons.
  • Change locations in CMS to ReCAP.
    • If boxes are not in CMS, add a note in trello and add to import cue.