Required reading

Read these pages before your first remote session.

Chrome Remote Desktop Instructions

  • Go to
  • You can download the app for better fullscreen view if you can install apps on the computer.
  • Login with your NYPL gmail account when prompted.

Instructions for the first remote session

  • Join the Google Meet link in the calendar event.
  • Digital Preservation staff will open Chrome Remote Desktop from a FRED.
  • Digital Preservation staff will click the remote support tab and generate a support code.
  • Digital Preservation staff will send the support code to the archivist by email or chat.
  • The archivist will open Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • The archivist will click the remote support tab and enter the support code.
  • The archivist will follow Remote Access instructions to set up the Chrome remote session.
  • The archivist will share the FRED remote screen through Google Meet when the remote session is connected.
  • Digital Preservation staff will walk the archivist through using Forensic Toolkit (FTK).
  • The archivist can sign up for additional sessions to remote process using the Digital Archives Lab calendar.