Working Scripts:

Working Scripts are defined as scripts written internally and maintained by Digital Archives staff for use in our workflows.

makesips (

This bash script is used by Digital Archives staff to create consecutive numbers of submission information packages for material transferred from digital carriers.

Using makesips (

Navigate to collection directory in diskImages and run makesips in terminal. Follow script instructions to select collection number type and enter collection number and submission information package range.

movekflux (

This bash script is used by Digital Archives staff to move floppy disk images transferred using kryoflux to submission information packages.

Using movekflux (

Navigate to kryofluxOutput and run movekflux in terminal. Follow the script instructions to enter collection number and move floppy disk images.

This python script transforms XML reports exported from FTK after Processing Archivists have completed bookmarking into JSON files for import into ASpace.


The script takes two arguments: -f or --file followed by the path to the XML report to be transformed and -o or --output followed by the path the destination directory for JSON output.

This python script collects the extents of finding aid components created by a Processing Archivist when processing work is done at a workstation with a hard drive. The script then produces an extents JSON file for import into ASpace.


The script takes one argument: -d or --dir for the finding aid components directory on a hard drive.
Run the script following the syntax: python3 path/to/ -d /path/to/collection/er/directory

Deprecated and Legacy Scripts:

Deprecated and Legacy Scripts are any scripts which may have been previously used in workflows but are no longer in use, were planned but not completed or replaced by a Working Script.

movemetadata script

movephotograph script