Exporting Finding Aid Components From FTK


When a finding aid has been approved and the Bookmarks have been reviewed the contents of Bookmarks need to be exported to Digital Archives storage.

Create Finding Aid Component Folders

  • Open the case for the collection and navigate to the Bookmark tab.
  • Note how many finding aid components you have in the Bookmarks.
  • Open the WSL terminal and navigate to the mount point directory by entering cd /mnt

  • Any mounted drives should be accessible from the mount point directory. Drives you’ll see in /mnt include:
    • d - Sata Drive Bay
    • f - Storage for FTK
    • h - Open FTK cases
    • i - Codemeter access key
    • y - DigArchDiskStation
  • If the Y:\ drive is not visible in /mnt or /mnt/y appears to be empty then re-mount:
    • Change to the top level directory by entering cd /
    • Enter the command sudo mount -t drvfs Y: /mnt/y

$ cd /mnt/y/Staging/faComponents

$ mkdir -p CollectionID/CollectionID_ER_{first..last}/{metadata/submissionDocumentation,objects}

  • Change first to the number to begin making folders on and last should be the number to end on.

Export Files

  • Highlight the bookmark that you want to export the files from.

  • Select Export from the File menu.


  • Right-click any file in the File List and select Export.

  • Select All Listed in the Export window from Items to Include.
  • Navigate to the finding aid component you are working on under Destination base path
    (Example: Y:\FAComponents\M24177\M24177_ER_1\objects).
  • Click “OK.”
  • When the export is complete you will see the following window. Click OK.

Export Metadata

  • Import MSSComponentExport column template if not present.
  • Check the column dropdown in the File List window.
    (The MSSComponentExport template will appear as below if imported.)

  • Click the column icon to the left of the dropdown if the template is not in the column dropdown.
  • Click Import.

  • Navigate to Storage(F:)\FTKsettings\MSSComponentExport.XML. Click Open.

  • Click OK at the next dialog and Close on the following dialog.
  • Select MSSComponentExport from the column dropdown.
  • Select Export File List Info from the File menu.


  • Right-click on any file from the File List and select Export File List Info.
  • Navigate to the metadata folder in the Export window.
    (Example: Y:\FAComponents\M24177\M24177_ER_2\metadata)
  • Enter the bookmark name in the File name field and select CSV from the Save as type field.
    (Example: M24177_ER_2)
  • Select All Listed from the File List items to export pane.
  • Select “MssComponentExport” from the Choose Columns field. Click Save.