Moving bookmarks and adding files

This video show you how to move bookmarks in a hierarchy. It also demonstrates how to create bookmarks and how to add files to an existing bookmark.

Moving bookmarks

Bookmarks tab with bookmark ER 1 selected above bookmark Series 1 From Bookmarks tab, Select Bookmark, hold, and drag to move.

Bookmarks tab with bookmark Series 1 above bookmark ER 1 Note bookmark now appears below based on the direction it was moved.

Adding files to existing bookmark

Explore tab with range of files selected Click Explore tab. To add files to a bookmark, select a range of files.

File List with Right Click menu item Add to Bookmark highlighted Right click. Select add to bookmark.

Add Files to Bookmark window Select bookmark to add files to under Select Existing Bookmark at bottom of window. Click OK.

Bookmarks tab with added files displayed in File List Click Bookmarks tab. Note files added to bookmark in File List.