Preparing FRED Workspace for Processing Archivists


Digital Archives staff and processing archivists both use FRED workspaces in the course of their work. The setup required for some Digital Archives tasks differs from the most efficient setup for processing archivists. Before processing archivists sit down at a FRED workspace Digital Archives staff can use the following steps to make sure the workspace is setup for processing archivists.

Noting Appointment Times

  • Check the Digital Archives Lab Calendar to see when processing archivists have reserved time.
  • Check the workspace before an appointment or the evening before if the appointment is early.

Managing the Workspace

  • Check that the FRED is on and unlocked.
  • Check that the monitors are on.
  • Check the keyboard and mouse.
  • Check that the security device (silver USB dongle) is plugged in.
  • Check that the workspace is free of objects that are not being used by the processing archivist.
  • Check the webcam if needed.
  • Check that Windows is not set to restart for updates.

Managing Windows

  • Close any browser or application windows that are not being used by the processing archivist.
  • Open FTK or any application the processing archivist will use to view files.

Managing Locations

Check that collection storage locations and networking are available to the FRED.

  • Check that Storage(F:)\Evidence\[CollectionID] is available.
  • Check that internet access is available.
  • Check that DigArchDiskstation is available if needed.
  • Check that ICA is available if needed.

Managing Dual Sessions

When both FRED workstations are in use:

  • Check that FTK is open on both workstations.
  • Check that the security device on one of the FREDs is visible and can be moved if needed.