Create and Manage FTK Cases



  • Navigate to the FRED evidence directory.
  • Create a directory with the CollectionID of the collection you are adding to FTK.

  • Copy bags and disk images from Staging to the FRED evidence directory.
  • Remove bag metadata from the evidence directory bags.

Make sure the FTK license USB is inserted in the FRED before opening FTK.

Launch FTK

  • Launch the FTK Application from the desktop.

  • Log into the FTK database on FRED 1.

FRED 1 only

Create and Manage Cases

Create New Cases

  • Create a new case by selecting new from the Case menu.
  • Enter the CollectionID and name of the collection into the ‘Case Name’ field.
  • Set the ‘processing Profile’ drop-down to ‘No Del’, then click OK.
    CollectionID Collection name
    M24017 Builders Association records

Manage Existing Cases

  • Double-click the name of the case from the menu.

Add Evidence

  • Select ‘Add/Remove…’ from the Evidence menu. Click the ‘Add’ button.

Add Disk Images

  • Select ‘Acquired Image(s)’ from the radio buttons in the ‘Select evidence type’ pop-up. Click OK.

Add Files or Directories

  • Select the ‘Contents of a Directory’ radio button in the ‘Select evidence type’ pop-up. Click OK.

  • Navigate to the image file(s) or directories you are adding to the case.
  • Click ‘open’. You can add multiple images or directories to a case.

Note: Add only the first file when images are split into multiple files (M11111-4444.E01, M11111- 4444.E02 etc). FTK will automatically load the rest of the files from the evidence folder.

  • Click No when adding directories and a pop-up dialog asks whether to create images.

  • Adjust the Time Zone (if known) for the image. Click the ‘OK’ button

Remove Problem Media

  • Note disk images marked unrecognizable filesystem in the Evidence tree.

  • Select ‘Add/Remove…’ from the Evidence menu.

  • Select disk images marked unrecognizable filesystem.

  • Click the ‘Remove’ button.

  • Note bags with nothing in the data folder aside from bagit generated txt files.

  • Select ‘Add/Remove…’ from the Evidence menu.

  • Select bags with no data.

  • Click the ‘Remove’ button.

  • Determine whether removed disk images can be displayed in CiderPress or an emulator.

  • Select Problem in the issue field of the CMS medialog for images that can’t be displayed.

  • Select Problem in the issue field of the CMS medialog for bags with no data.

Review PII

  • Check for and label personal identifiable information (PII).

  • Navigate to the Live Search and select the Pattern tab.

  • The search patterns listed below are saved to FTK Live Search.

  • Select Import. Select Storage(F:)\FTKsettings\PII.xml Click Open.

  • Set Max Hits per File to 1. Click Search.

  • Copy and paste the patterns below individually if you don’t have PII.xml available.

  • Click the Add button each time. Click Search.

Type of PII Search Patterns
Social Security Numbers \<\d{3}[\-\s]?\d{2}[\-\s]?\d{4}>
Credit Card Numbers \<(\d{3}[\-\s]?){3}\d\d\d\d\>
Credit Card Numbers \<\d{4})[\-\s]?\d{6}[\-\s]?\d{5}>
  • View results in the right hand pane if there are matches.
  • Click on the plus sign and select all matches in the File Viewer on the left.
  • Label these matches “Potentially Sensitive.”