Table of contents

  1. Table of contents
  2. Connect cables
    1. Power cables
    2. Host computer cables
    3. IDE device cables
  3. Set internal hard drives to single or master
  4. Power on
  5. Check device connection
  6. Completing a transfer

These are instructions on how to connect drives using either the Tableau Ultrakit forensic bridges or FRED panel Ultrabay write blockers.

Connect cables

Power cables

  • Connect the power supply to the forensic bridge.
    • Device cables are available in the yellow case or cabinet by the cord board.
  • Connect the device to power.
    • Connect devices with external power as usual.
    • Connect uncased internal devices to power through the forensic bridge with a 3M drive power cable or a Molex to 3M drive power cable.

Host computer cables

  • Connect the forensic bridge to the host computer via Firewire or USB.

IDE device cables

  • Connect the blue Host side of an IDE cable to the forensic bridge. Connect the black side to the device.

Set internal hard drives to single or master

  • Make sure the jumper pins on the hard drive are set to single or master.
    • Look for a schematic displaying where to place a shunt on the pins or etched labels on the circuit board.
    • Research the hard drive model number if you can’t find the jumper configuration on the drive.

Power on

  • Switch on power on the forensic bridge. Switch on the device with transfer media.
  • Look for Power, Write Block, Host, Device, and, Activity lights to turn on.
  • Turn the device off and on again if the Activity light does not turn on after a minute. Turn the forensic bridge off and on if not resolved.
    • Zip disk drives almost always need to be turned off and on before they will connect. This may also be necessary between Zip disks.

Check device connection

  • Look for the device under Disk Utility if you don’t see a prompt indicating the device has been connected.
  • When imaging legacy media the device might only appear in the FTK Imager drive list.

Completing a transfer

  • Contact Digital Preservation staff if transfer fails.
  • Turn the device and the forensic bridge off once the media has been transferred.
  • Disconnect the cables and place them back in the case or the labeled drawers.
    • If you are using an Ultrakit bridge, place it back in the case.
  • Place the media on the Transferred shelf.