Determining Transfer Method

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Site Visits
      1. Considerations
      2. Site Visit File Transfers
      3. Organizations
        1. Records management
        2. Organizations with IT


When Digital Preservation staff do not participate in site visits all acquired born-digital material should be shipped to the lab through the registrar. Digital Preservation staff present at site visits may determine another method of transfer.

Site Visits

While on a site visit Digital Preservation staff can evaluation born-digital material. When necessary, Digital Preservation staff can arrange a method of transfer different from the standard process of shipment through the registrar.


Method of transfer will depend on:

  • Volume of born-digital material
  • Transfer time
  • Uniqueness of files
  • Active use of equipment

Site Visit File Transfers

Once evaluated, born-digital material can be scheduled for transfer at a subsequent site visit. Born-digital material might be transferred during a site visit rather than shipped through the registrar if files on the donor’s active computer are in the collection scope. Site visit transfer is an option when it is not feasible for the donor to transfer active files to an external hard drive.


The following sections are under construction: Organizations, Records management, Organizations with IT


Born-digital material from organizations differs in a number of ways from born-digital material donated by an individual. Make certain you are in contact with someone that manages or maintains born-digital material for the organization during this process.

Records management

Ask about any records management procedures the organization takes part in.

Organizations with IT

Be aware of any IT department or technology services the organization uses. Evaluate whether these services can be used in the transfer of born-digital material.