The lab supports several protocols for connecting to the lab computers while off-site in order to perform processing, package completed work, monitor transfers, or perform other tasks. This document describes the usage of Chrome Remote Desktop with a library-issued laptop.

Setting up your laptop

  • Connect laptop to Internet with an ethernet cable
  • (If possible) connect a secondary monitor
    • Connect the laptop to a TV or computer monitor with HDMI, DisplayPort, or other video cable.
    • Right click in an empty area of the desktop
    • Choose ‘Display settings’
    • Configure second monitor to either duplicate or extend, depending on preference

Setting up the remote account

If you have not accessed the computer remotely before or in a while, you will need to complete this process.

  • Reserve a time on the Digital Archives Workstation
  • Begin the remote meeting session.
    • Join the Google Meeting on a phone or second device. This will be the primary device for sharing your voice and video.
    • Join the Google Meeting on your laptop. Mute the microphone and webcam. Finally, share your screen and select “entire desktop”.
    • Open a browser and go to Choose Remote Support.
    • Wait for lab staff to join the Google Meeting.
    • Type or past the access code provided by the lab staff into “Connect to another computer”. Click connect.
  • Login to Chrome Remote Desktop on the remote computer
    • Open the Chrome Remote Desktop application from the menu bar or the Start Menu.
    • In the top right corner of Chrome Remote Desktop, click the circle.
    • Choose your account, or if your account is not listed, choose “Add another account”.
    • Login with your NYPL account.
  • Add the remote computer to your Chrome Remote Desktop account.
    • In the top middle of Chrome Remote Desktop, choose Remote Access
    • Scroll down to the “Set up remote access” box” and click “Turn On”
    • Create a PIN of your choosing
  • End the current remote desktop session from your laptop and proceed to the section on Starting your remote session.

Starting your remote session

  • Go to
  • Choose Remote Access. Choose the remote computer you wish to access, and enter you PIN.
    • If you do not see the computer listed or it is greyed out, return to the section on Setting up the remote account.
  • The remote session should connect and show the FRED desktop. You may need to adjust your display. Common changes include:
    • To have the desktop fill your entire display and to only view one of the remote displays, move your mouse to the middle of the right edge of the screen and click on the arrow that pops up. Then, choose “Full-screen” and change Displays from “Show all displays” to “Display 1”
    • To increase the size of the text and menus, right-click on the remote computer’s desktop, choose “Display Settings”, scroll down, and under “Scale and layout” choose 150% or more.
  • Open FTK and then open the collection
  • If you have any issues or questions, please contact lab staff.