The Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device is used for transfer and stabilization of born-digital material at Library Services Center. FRED 1 is equipped with an Utrabay write-blocker for transfer of born-digital material. Forensic Toolkit is installed on the FRED for archival processing of born-digital material.


OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 CPU Quad Processor), 3.6 GHz, 10MB Intel Smart Cache, 5 GT/s DMI
RAM: 64 GB PC3-12800 DDR3 1600 MHz

Hardware Write Blocking:

Digital Intelligence® UltraBay 3d Hardware Write-Blocker with touch
screen display:

  • Integrated IDE Drive Write Blocker
  • Integrated SATA Drive Write Blocker
  • Integrated SAS Drive Write Blocker
  • Integrated USB 3.0/2.0 Write Blocker
  • Integrated FireWire IEEE 1394b Write Blocker
  • Digital Intelligence┬« Imaging Workshelf - Extendable/Retractable with integrated ventilation


Tool Path
While Loop Template C:/2whileloop
FTK License Management C:/ad_dongle.xml
Cygwin C:/cygwin64
DosBox C:/dosbox
Kryoflux C:/kryoflux_2.51_windows
Python 3.2 C:/Python32
Python 3.3 C:/Python33
Bagger 2.1.3 C:/Program Files/bagger-2.1.3
Bagger JSON profile C:/Program Files/bagger-2.1.3/profiles
Bagit 4.4 C:/Program Files/bagit-4.4-bin
CodeMeter C:/Program Files/CodeMeter
DROID 6.1.5 C:/Program Files/Droid-6.1.5
Git C:/Program Files/Git
Grsync C:/Program Files/Grsync
Oxygen XML Editor C:/Program Files/Oxygen XML Editor 15
Quick View Plus 12 C:/Program Files/Quick View Plus
VLC C:/Program Files/VideoLAN/VLC
AccessData DNA C:/Program Files/AccessData/DNA
Evidence Processing Engine 10.17 C:/Program Files/AccessData/Evidence Processing Engine
Forensic Toolkit 6.3 C:/Program Files/AccessData/Forensic Toolkit/6.3
Forensic Toolkit 5 C:/Program Files/AccessData/Forensic Toolkit/5
PostgreSQL 9.6 C:/Program Files/AccessData/PostgreSQL/9.6
PRTK C:/Program Files/AccessData/PRTK
Bonjour C:/Program Files/BreakPoint Software/Bonjour
Hex Workshop 6.7 C:/Program Files/BreakPoint Software/Hex Workshop v6.7
PSTViewer Pro C:/Program Files/Encryptomatic, LLC/PSTViewer Pro
FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced C:Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced
Grsync C:/Program Files/Grsync
ClamAV C:/Program Files/Immunet/clamav
Java Development Kit 1.7 C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.7.0
Java Runtime Evnironment 7 C:/Program Files/Java/jre7
MediaInfo C:/Program Files/MediaInfo
Microsoft SQL C:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server
VirtualBox C:/Program Files/Oracle/VirtualBox
XnConvert C:/Program Files/XnConvert
7-zip C:/Program Files (x86)/7-Zip
FTK Imager C:/Program Files (x86)/AccessData/FTK Imager
Photo Mechanic 5 C:/Program Files (x86)/Camera Bits/Photo Mechanic 5
GTK C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/GTK/2.0/
WordPerfect Office X6 C:/Program Files (x86)/Corel/WordPerfect Office X6
VirtualCloneDrive C:/Program Files (x86)/Elaborate Bytes/VirtualCloneDrive
FC5025 C:/Program Files (x86)/FC5025
FileZilla FTP Client C:/Program Files (x86)/FileZilla FTP Client
Finale NotePad 2012 C:/Program Files (x86)/Finale NotePad 2012
Aid4Mail4 C:/Program Files (x86)/Fookes Software/Aid4Mail4
HFSExplorer C:/Program Files (x86)/HFSExplorer
ImageMagick-6.8.6 C:/Program Files (x86)/ImageMagick-6.8.6-Q16
ImageWriter C:/Program Files (x86)/ImageWriter
IDEA Community Edition 12.1.4 C:/Program Files (x86)/JetBrains/IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 12.1.4
LastPass C:/Program Files (x86)/LastPass
Lightwright 5 C:/Program Files (x86)/Lightwright 5
MagicDisc C:/Program Files (x86)/MagicDisc
Paragon HFS+ for Windows 10.5 C:/Program Files (x86)/Paragon Software/HFS+ for Windows 10.5
pgAdmin III 1.18 C:/Program Files (x86)/pgAdmin III/1.18
Sound Designer to Wav converter C:/Program Files (x86)/QuickTime:C:/Program Files (x86)/Rail Jon Rogut Software/sdTwoWav
IsoBuster C:/Program Files (x86)/Smart Projects/IsoBuster
Symantec Ghost C:/Program Files (x86)/Symantec/Ghost
Tableau Imager C:/Program Files (x86)/Tableau/Tableau Imager
WinUAE C:/Program Files (x86)/WinUAE
Siegfried C:/Users/FWAdmin/siegfried_1-7-13_win64/win64/sf.exe
Siegfried Configuration file C:/Users/FWAdmin/siegfried/sf.conf