Please contact staff immediately if you have any issues or questions while using any lab equipment.

In-Person Help

Ask for assistance from any lab staff currently in the room. They will either be able to assist you directly or contact more appropriate staff.

If no one is available, please email staff at with your issue.

Remote Assistance

Staff who are not currently in the lab are able to to provide remote assistance sessions with prior notice.

  • Contact the staff to schedule a remote assistance session at least 24 hours in advance.
  • At the beginning of your session, login to the computer you will be using.
  • Start a video or audio conference with the staff.
    • It may be easier to do this with a separate device, such as an office phone, laptop, or smartphone.
  • Follow the instructions the staff give you to share the screen or connect to Chrome Remote apps.

    Example method

  • Click on the Chrome Remote Assistance icon.
  • Sign in using your NYPL Google username and password.
    • If you do not see a login screen, click on the circle in the top right of the window and sign out.
  • Click on Remote Support at the top of the window.
  • In the Get Support box, click on the button labeled Generate Code. Share the 12-digit code with the staff member.
  • See Getting Started with Remote Access for more detailed instructions.

The staff will login remotely. At this point, both of you will have complete control of the computer.