Site Visits

Digital Preservation staff are available to visit locations were born-digital material is stored prior to acquisition and to meet donors. While at locations Digital Preservation staff can:

  • Collect information regarding what donors know about their born-digital material and assess where more information is needed to proceed.
  • Appraise born-digital formats and content.
  • Make recommendations regarding the technical feasibility of transfer such as assessing whether material can be retrieved from a device and how many resources will be required to perform a transfer.
  • Make recommendations regarding the method of transfer such as on location transfer or delivery to NYPL for transfer.
  • Perform on location transfers.
  • Use tools like write-blockers when necessary to protect files during appraisal and transfer.

Preservation and Collections Processing is responsible for contacting Digital Preservation staff to participate in site visits. Digital Preservation staff should participate in site visits before acquisition when:

  • Limited information is available from the donor.
  • Digital material is not easily accessible (deceased donor, computer in storage space, etc).
  • There are multiple formats with potential for duplication or unidentified formats.
  • There are more than 100 removable media.
  • Extent is uncertain or changes.
  • Collection Management or curatorial staff would like Digital Preservation staff to be present.

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