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This page outlines times archivists and Digital Archives staff should communicate. Archivists are encouraged to contact Digital Archives staff any time they have questions.


  • Contact Digital Archives when digital media are in an accessioned collection.

Collection Assignment

  • Contact Digital Archives when you are assigned a collection with digital media.
  • Discuss your time frame for processing the collection.
  • Find out whether media has been transferred and how that will affect your processing schedule.
  • Discuss whether you would like to appraise/survey hard drive directories before transfer.

Survey Directories


  • Report the titles of directories to retain to Digital Archives
  • Report on duplicates and PII found by Bulk Reviewer to Digital Archives

Processing Proposal

  • Contact Digital Archives and discuss whether it is possible to survey electronic records for the processing proposal.


  • Contact Digital Archives if you find any digital media while processing the collection.
  • Contact Digital Archives and discuss your processing time frame.
  • Discuss whether you will be arranging electronic records at your workstation or using FTK.
  • Digital Archives will contact you with a weekly email check-in while you are processing.

Arrangement in FTK

  • Wait for confirmation that your collection is loaded in FTK before reserving time on the Digital Archives Lab calendar.
  • Schedule time on the Digital Archives Lab calendar at least 24 hours in advance.

Arrangement at an Archivist’s Workstation

  • You will receive a hard drive with electronic records if you are arranging at your workstation.

Wrap up

  • Contact Digital Archives when your finding aid is approved.
  • After approval Digital Archives will conduct an ER level review.
  • Digital Archives will contact you for clarification or revisions.