Born-Digital Archives Receipt


  1. Born-Digital Archives Receipt
    1. Process

This page describes how the Digital Repository team receives processed born-digital packages from the Digital Archives program. For more information on how the born-digital packages are accessioned, transferred, processed and packaged, visit Digital Archives website.


  1. Digital Archives program packages the collection.
  2. Once the packaging is complete, Digital Archives program will copy the collection packages onto the DigArchDiskStation (DADS), a storage system we use at NYPL.
  3. Once the copy process is successful, Digital Archive program will mark completion on their Trello board, DigArch Project Queue.
  4. Digital Archives staff will email the Digital Repository staff at that this collection is ready to be received at DADS and can be ingested into Preservica.
  5. Digital Repository program will sync the collection to the Isilon Cluster A (ICA), another storage system we use at NYPL and confirms receipt of the collection by replying the email and copying Digital Archives at
  6. Digital Repository program creates a new card on their Trello board, Digital Repository Collections Ingest.
  7. Digital Repository staff follows the Ingest process for “Processed Archives” to ingest the collection.
  8. After validating the ingest is successful, following the Disposition steps to delete the collection from the staging storage on ICA and DigArchDiskStation, a local storage location.