The following pages describe the ingest processes for each workflow that feeds collections to Preservica. The workflows include:

  • Born-Digital Archives
  • Born-Digital Audio and Moving Images
  • Digitized Audio and Moving Images (AMI)
  • Digitized Images

Each page contains the following information.

Package Requirements

In order to create scalable, sustainable workflows, the output of every acquisition or digitization program must have document packaging requirements, for aspects such as:

  • encodings
  • file formats
  • file names
  • folder structures
  • metadata sidecars Developing these is the responsibility of the acquisition or digitization program, in consultation with the Digital Preservation program.

Each ingest page contains links to this documentation (when publicly available) or an abbreviated form of this documentation.

Data Model

In order to simplify the management of the collection and the creation of access services, all content in Preservica is modeled with a common data model. NYPL Digital Preservation is responsible for defining this model and how it adapted to content type.

Each ingest page contains a diagram of content type’s data model and an example, including any optional files that may be added at a later date.


The ingest process converts received packages into a structure that meets the expected data model. This process may require:

  • moving data to staging storage, hot folders, or other storage devices
  • changing file names, folder names, or other aspects of the package
  • validating the received and/or converted packages
  • confirmation of completed ingest

Each ingest page contains a step-by-step workflow of the process.

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