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Package Requirements

A Born-Digital Archives package must conform to the folder and file structure shown in the General Born-Digital Archives Package. There are two general types of packages, Processed and Preprocessed. Processed Born-Digital Packages are Finding Aid Components exported after they are described by archivists, while preprocessed packages are the direct transfers from the media carriers.

General Born-Digital Archives Package

alt text

All Born-Digital Archives package conforms to this structure. The top-level folder, named “Finding Aid component”, must have two folders, namely, a “metadata” folder and an “objects” folder. Within the metadata folder, it may have a “submissionDocumentation” folder. Both the metadata and submissionDocumentation folders may or may not have any files. When there are files in the metadata folder, it could include CSV files, Digital Forensics XML files, or any other types of metadata relevant to the object(s). In the “objects” folder, it may have more files and folders structures, depending on what types of content it is, and its original arrangement.

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