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NYPL Design Toolkit

Version: 0.1.36

Visible Focus


At a minimum we should never use outline: 0, which removes default focus indicators. Visible focus should work and be tested on smaller viewports as well. The team could consider setting different focus styles for certain elements. For example changing the background color of inline links on focus. If we refine the color of the focus indicator, it should have a contrast of 3:1 with the background, see the Standards section for more information on that.


WCAG 2.0, 2.4.7 Focus Visible

This is the success criteria requiring visible focus.

  • WCAG Article: [Focus Visible: Understanding SC 2.4.7][]

WCAG 2.1, 1.4.11 Non-text Contrast

WCAG 2.1 set a contrast ratio minimum of 3:1 for user interface components. Reminder, you can test contrast ratios with tools like [WebAIM’s Color Contrast Checker][].

  • [WCAG 2.1 Non-text contrast][]
  • [WCAG 2.1 article Understanding Success Criterion 1.4.11: Non-text Contrast][]


Additional resources which may be of interest.

  • Paciello article around backwards compatibility [:focus-visible and backwards compatibility][]
  • Deque article with general intro to focus indicators [Give Your Site Some Focus! Tips for Designing Useful and Usable Focus Indicators][]