Before a media object can be imaged it first must be recorded SPEC.


The following section is out of date. It needs to be revised with SPEC instructions.

Using Filemaker Collection Management System

  • Log in to CMS using your credentials.
  • Open CMS and locate the collection that you will be working with.
    • Select search/edit under collection info.
    • Type the collection name or number in the labeled field and select search.
    • Select the collection if more than one listing appears.
  • Navigate to the electronic records view through the collection management screen.
  • Click on the media number that you are going to work with from the “other objects” list.
    Check in with Digital Preservation staff if the media object is not listed in the CMS.

Finding Commercial Software

  • Send commercial software as is to Digital Preservation without entering it in the media log or labeling it.

Handling Commercial Software

These instructions are for Digital Preservation staff (including fellows) only.

  • Label commercial software with a simple collection name.
    • Crouch for Stanley Crouch papers.
  • Select the issue dropdown Moved to software library for commercial software that has been inventoried as a media object in the media log.
  • Image commercial software only when specifically instructed to do so.

Creating Media objects in the Media Log